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An online booking system for your clinic.

Providing an online booking system for your clinic that can be easily managed from your computer, phone or tablet 24/7. Managing your full day with an easy-to-use calendar for you and all your staff.

  • Online bookings & Deposits
  • Bespoke cancellation policy
  • Add a buffer to appointments if needed
  • Patients can reschedule their own appointments
  • Select VIP patients who need extra time
  • Waiting list for cancellation appointments

Compliant and consistent consent forms.

Thorough consent forms which are compliant and consistent with medicolegal requirements for aesthetic treatments. Red flags will alert you if important documentation is missed or abnormal ensuring you never miss a thing.

  • Automatically send medical questionnaires prior to appointments
  • Store all consent documentation in line with GDPR regulations
  • The choice of preloaded consent forms or adding your own bespoke forms
  • Patient-practitioner affirmations with medicolegal bearing

Documentation made simple for the practitioner.

Real time patient flow from start to finish means you wont miss important documentation from their treatment. Face mapping of injections points, techniques, amounts and products makes documentation simple for the aesthetic practitioner.

  • Real time patient-documentation flow
  • Secure prescription storage
  • Treatment mapping with injection points, techniques, amounts and products used
  • Easy record of LOT numbers and expiry dates

A comprehensive range of aftercare forms.

We have comprehensive range of aftercare forms covering multiple treatments that can be automatically sent to your patient following their appointment. Additional complication and side effects aftercare sheets can be sent if you ever need them making your patient feel safe for bruises, oedema etc.

  • Send aftercare electronically
  • Give your patients confidence when leaving clinic
  • Complication and side effects aftercare
  • Preloaded aftercare forms
  • Ability to add, remove, tailor, and customise forms

I believe we have the software to revolutionise this industry

“I looked at the needs of many aesthetic practitioners and analysed what they wanted to make their clinic easier – for themselves, their staff & their patients. Combined with my expertise as a medical doctor and advanced aesthetician – I believe we have the software to revolutionise this industry.”

Dr Bonny Armstrong
Northern Ireland’s Leading Aesthetic Practitioner